Simon Penny

  • Appointed guest professor Nottingham Trent University, School of Art and Design 2021-2024
  • Aassociate editor AI+Society (Springer) 2020-
  • Director, Industrial Crafts Research Network symposium 2021 (Nov 13/14)
  • Co-director, Industrial Crafts Research Network.
  • Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences
    Sweden. May2021 (postponed from Sept 20).
    Twist-hands and shuttle-kissing - understanding Industrial Craft Skills via embodied and distributed cognition. Paper accepted – coauthored with Tom Fisher.
  • Biennial International Conference for the Craft Sciences
    Sweden. May2021 (postponed from Sept 20).
    Indigenous canoe-carving of Lamotrek Atoll. Paper accepted.
  • ISEA2020. Sensiqwerty
    Alex Lough and I have been working for about a year on Sensiqwerty – a set of interactive modalities centering on a sensori-motorically enhanced keyboard. We’ll be doing an artist’s talk for ISEA – online.
  • ISEA2020.
    Embodied cognition, digital cultures and sensorimotor debility. Paper accepted
  • Craft Research Journal (UK)
    Making as critical interrogation - an autobiographical reflection. forthcoming October 2020.
  • From Steam to Steampunk
    I offered my From Steam to Steampunk – 200 years of technoculture class online for the first time this summer. The class continues to develop. This iteration we delved more deeply into the scientific revolution, the development of industrial precision, and plastics and pharmaceuticals in the environment.
  • Nottingham Talks
    May28, June2/4
    I gave a series of 3 online presentations, the first being a guest lecture in NTU’s Art and Design Research Lecture series, entitled: Cartesian Dualism, Hylomorphism and the privileging of the abstract - or - Are “higher brain centers” higher just because we’re standing up?
  • Industrial crafts and embodied cognition.
    Tom Fisher (professor in the Design Dept at NTU) and I are establishing an international interdisciplinary research network focusing on industrial crafts and the development of museum exhibits that attend to and communicate ‘know-how’.
  • Pacific Standard Time. Art+Oceans.
    I’m part of an interdisciplinary group of artists, scientists and others, (including anthropologist colleague Valerie Olson) in the Art+Oceans project organised by Lisa Cartwright and Nan Renner. A PST research grant has been granted by Getty foundation and a book is under negotiation with MIT press.
  • Art+Sustainability Class
    2020 April-June. Art+Sustainability Class reviews environmental, climate and sustainability science and issues and theory, and activist art practices. Students do a capstone independent project. I offered my class online for the first time, April-June, it seemed to go surprisingly well given the adaptations we all had to make to isolation and remote operation. Students were engaged and motivated.
  • Science, Art, and the Possibilities of Perception symposium.
    ASU. 16-17 Mar. Invited speaker. (Postponed/cancelled due to covid19)
  • Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean.
    I co-authored Ancient Voyaging Capacity in the Pacific. with Peter Nuttall, and Marianne George, The Cambridge History of the Pacific Ocean. Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming mid2021.