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Shadi Shariat

The commodification of our food as well as the promotion of chemically processed and genetically altered products have disconnected us from the “real” sources of our food, and have limited our options for more natural and healthier alternatives. This problem is even more so emphasized in lower-income communities where not only access to healthy and organic food is a luxury, but also access to online resources and information for alternative food production is limited. This project aims to make inquiries into these obvious discrepencies. Its goal is to empower such communities to resist the hegemony of our food industry to grow into a more independent and self-sustained entity by providing access to relevant information using new media technologies (such as RFID and the Internet). It demonstrates how community members can establish a new and direct channel of communication for the flow of information to further utilize such knowledge and create a more sustainable and autonomous community. The Morningside Elementary School is the starting ground for spreading awareness of this much needed change.