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Byeong Sam Jeon

Byeong Sam Jeon

Byeong Sam Jeon is an electronic artist whose interests include Telematic Culture, Robotics, Data Visualization, Interactive Systems, Post Human Theories and Human Networks & Global Communications.  His work is driven by his belief that technology enables all sorts of people to deepen and enhance interpersonal communication.  His research addresses the theme of social interaction between groups of people from different backgrounds. As an artist, he creates bridges to build healthy relationships among people and encourages them to consider the importance of communication.

For a decade, Byeong Sam has exhibited and performed in several international and national venues, including the ISIMD ‘05 (International Symposium of Interactive Media Design) in Istanbul, Turkey, Uijeongbu International Digital Art Festival in Uijeongbu Art Center, Korea, SIGGRAPH 2004 in LA, USA, Salon 04 International Digital Art Exhibit in Havana, Cuba, and Jooksan International Arts Festival ‘01 in Ansung, Korea.



Byeong Sam's work can be viewed at