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Classes taught 2008/09

Fall 2008

Hardware Intelligence (ACE 277)
Simon Penny
Hardware Intelligence provides students with fundamental design and making skills in structural fabrication, mechanics and electro-mechanics. This course covers basic hand and machine tool skills, and fabrication and design skills for woodwork and metalwork, including an introduction to precision metalwork. In the process, students achieve clearance to access the ACE fabshop and use tools. This year, for the first time, an introduction to MIG welding and industrial sewing will also be covered.


Class Forum

Perspectives on Practice (ACE 270)
Robert Nideffer
Guest speakers and seminar format; multiple views of interdisciplinary practice.


Microcontrollers (ACE 277)
Simon Penny
This class provides an introduction to the design and making of analog electronic circuits for sensing and output, their interfacing with embedded microcontrollers, and programming techniques for stand-alone microcontroller-based projects, using the Arduino board.


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