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Classes taught 2006/07

Spring 2007

ACE Studio/Laboratory: Telematic Performance and Teleoperative Art (ACE 276)
John Crawford
Art and performance projects utilizing real time and quasi-real time distance interaction. Synchronous performance and distributed choreography. Network technologies and protocols. Speed, bandwidth, latency. Web-based technologies. Video and sound. Teleoperation/remote machine control.


Information, Property, Resistance (ACE 270)
Kavita Philip


ACE Thesis Research Seminar (ACE 278)
Simon Penny

The function of this class is to assist students in developing skills and resources to ensure that students are prepared to ensure completion of graduation requirements by the end of the following Spring. Deliverable include :

- a thesis proposal which is academically rigorous, including a synopsis (1000 words) , table of contents and bibliography.
- a proposal for a thesis project which his artistically and technically rigorous. 1000 words, with illustrations, plans and references, multimedia if/where appropriate
- a thesis committee with formal agreement by committee members,
- a clear workplan for timely completion of thesis project and written thesis, including development timeline with milestones.
- an exhibit of research to date in the end of year exhibition, including maintenance of the exhibit in a funtioning form for the duration of the exhibition, training of gallery attendants, participation in organisation and promotion, and documentation.

Preparation of each of these deliverables will involve research, presentation and critique.


Winter 2007

Information, Representation, Knowledge, and Cognition (ACE 270)
Simon Penny


Computer Audio Programming (ACE 277)
Chris Dobrian


Fall 2006

Microcontrollers (ACE 277)
Simon Penny
This class provides an introduction to the design and making of analog electronic circuits for sensing and output, their interfacing with embedded microcontrollers, and programming techniques for stand-alone microcontroller-based projects, using the Arduino board.


Hardware Intelligence (ACE 277)
Simon Penny
Hardware Intelligence provides students with fundamental design and making skills in structural fabrication, mechanics and electro-mechanics. This course covers basic hand and machine tool skills, and fabrication and design skills for woodwork and metalwork, including an introduction to precision metalwork. In the process, students achieve clearance to access the ACE fabshop and use tools.


Interdisciplinary Methods (ACE 270)
Beatriz Da Costa


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