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Sound, Politics and Burlesque Mechanics


4:00 pm — Where: HIB 135

Peter Sinclair is known for his sound installations and other transdiciplinary works which use sound as their principal medium. Excited by technology but handling it with critical irony, Peter Sinclair’s work has moved from burlesque mechanics, through the ill treatment of computers to performance which parodies modern media language in transatlantic streamed collaborations.

Aside from his personal production Peter Sinclair participates in various artists collectives “PacJap” and “Daisy Chain” and he has been working with NewYork based artist GH Hovagimyan since 1996. Their collaborative works include Exercises in talking, a soapopera for laptops, heartbreak hotel, shooter and Rant rant back back rant.

His most recent presentations include:

Transvision (produced in collaboration with Cyrille de Laleu, Presented at Groningen in Holland in August 2004) –

Transvision proposes a purposefully complex relationship to time and space involving the spectator in a non-linear process. This experimentation with automated methods of editing, composing and presentation aims to question the spectator’s outlook on his or her personal perceptual space, and societies use and abuse of digital media. Transvision is an in-situ installation in two parts. The first part an interactive sound installation places the spectator in the obligation to comply with vocal commands (or not experience the piece). The second part consists of a video triptych featuring video of visitors to the sound installation manipulated and projected in the Tchumi Pavilion, (a glass box situated in a distant public space).

Rant Rant Back Back Rant. (Paris: La gaiété Lyrique, Split, Croatia: festival of new media, Amsterdam STEIM fondation).

There are two performers; the ranter and the processor. In English the word “rant” means (verb) to talk in a noisy, excited or declamatory fashion or (noun) a bombastic, extravagant speech. The processor listens to the ranter and grabs live audio which he outputs to loud speakers. The ranter hears the processed sound clips and responds. The performance can be likened to a musical jam session using digital signal processing. In society you often see ranters on the street. They talk about the current events or shout about people in power etc. They often speak the truth. We listen with one ear while pretending not to hear. The two performers process the information in a feedback loop, in real time. What then is the content it’s information gleaned from TV, newspapers, conspiracy theories, hearsay, paranoid delusions etc.

Peter Sinclair is responsible for the Sound Department at Aix en Provence’s College of Arts, Co director with Jerome Joy of Locus Sonus a post graduate sound laboratory and member of the French ministry for culture’s fine arts scientific council.

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