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Interfaced: Mediating Techno-Cultural Practice

ACE First Year Graduate Student Show

September 28th, 2007, 4:30 - 7:30 PM — CalIT2

There is a moment in the process of creating a work of art when the artist pauses momentarily and steps back to look at the work-in-progress and sees what his/her initial vision has shaped into. The ACE first year show is that moment in the development of the ACE student body.

In this age of digital culture, as we find our conventional artistic practices challenged by new, innovative technologies, new methodologies reveal interesting possibilities of what we can capture within the new framework. This new framework is growing every minute and limited only by our own definitions of disciplines. The ACE program, in its own way, strives to open up those definitions and contest their claims. The first year show is, therefore, an important and integral step towards our training as interdisciplinary artists, engineers and scientists where we begin to learn the difference between what we can do and what we think we can do.

Interf*ace*d, then, is a collection of projects from students rooted in different disciplines struggling to find a meeting point. While individually, the projects represent different areas of interest, they also represent an ACE student’s struggle negotiating with the different disciplines encountered and the show represents both individual growth and collective growth of the student body.

For more information about the show, the artists, and the location please check out:

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