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AIR at Riverside

Thursday, May 31st 1-3pm — Humanities 1500, 1:00 -3:00


AIR at Riverside, a collaboration between Preemptive Media and the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, examines the overlaps and mutual interests between artistic projects, activist agendas, and community involvement.

imagePreemptive Media (Beatriz da Costa & Jamie Schulte), will present AIR, a current project by the group addressing air pollution, environmental health concerns and public agency in the creation for a cleaner environment. Preemptive Media has developed portable air monitoring devices available for people to carry around their neighborhoods and urban environments for pollution and fossil fuel burning site detection. The measured pollution data is logged and will be uploaded to the AIR pollution visualization map online. While AIR is designed to be a tool for individuals and groups to self-identify pollution sources, it also serves as a platform to discuss energy politics and their impact on environment, health and social groups in specific regions.

The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) will present a brief history and background of CCAEJ and the Air Quality issues/challenges in the community of Mira Loma and the health impacts to residents living in proximity to over 100 warehouses. The community continues to struggle with the significant health impacts associated with the increased truck/rail traffic which adds significant increased diesel pollution to this area.

Presented by the UCR Mellon workshop series on Affect, Technics and Ethics

For more info about the presenters, please see their websites below:

Preemptive Media

The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

Directions to UC Riverside:

This event is organized by Matthew Bryant and Ken Rogers as part of UCR Mellon workshop series called Affect, Technics and Ethics. Please send any inquiries to

AIR at Riverside Poster (pdf)

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