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Wired For Sex

Paulina Borsook



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Wed, April 12, 12:15-2:45 — ACE teleseminar room

Free Range Intellectuals
Arts Computation Engineering
2005 - 2006 Lecture Series
Lecture Series Organised by Simon Penny

A slide show with unanswered questions. An investigation into the intersection of sex and technology. A project both explicit and non-pornographic,Touching on subjects such as the materials-science, engineering challenges, health hazards of sex-toys, and how, as with other engineered products, high-end domestic boutique producers square off against off-shore manufacturers.

“Wired For Sex” also attempts to make some mappings back and forth between a larger, contemporary, cultural context and the personal sphere of sexuality. It’s been said that every day, computers are making people easier to use, One of the issues raised by the project is the question of how the current bias towards instrumentality affects our feelings about our erotic lives. Images both scientific and archival will accompany the talk.

Paulina Borsook (MFA in fiction/Columbia University; AB psycholinguistics with a minor in philosophy/UC-Berkeley) has been writing about culture and technology for more than 20 years.  Author of the critically acclaimed “Cyberselfish, a critical romp through the terribly libertarian culture of high-tech”, her fiction, essays, journalism, and humor pieces have been published in venues such “Wired”,"Salon" and “The New York Times” and have been widely anthologized. She has been a frequent commentator on NPR and on the Pacifica radio network. She is currently at work on various spoken-word and public-art projects.

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