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Knowledge or Information? Blogs, Wikis and Listservs: A Panel Discussion

5-5:30pm — 135 Humanities Instructional Building, UCI

Reception to follow in HIB 137
Sponsored by the UCI Libraries and HumaniTech

The Internet has spawned new genres of publication, with accompanying new vocabulary--blogs, wikis, and listservs--digital forms of diaries, journals, and newsletters. These digital platforms vary in both quality and content while spanning modes of expression such as personal reflection, commentary, collaborative editing and diatribe. The areas of specialty are as diverse as any, ranging from global issues of media, gender, politics, human rights, philosophy, and community, to individual travel logs, movie reviews, and workplace gossip. Like many other forms of new media, they are controversial: lauded by some and censured by others, with critical examination of issues a still significant gap. Come join our panelists as they facilitate dialogue on the impact and ramifications of these new forms of publication.

Josh Fouts
Director, Center on Public Diplomacy, USC

Czeslaw Jan Grycz

Elizabeth Losh
Writing Director, Humanities Core Course, UCI

Kevin Roderick
Former LA Times editor and founder/publisher of

Lynn Mally
Professor of History, UCI

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